Thomas McGoey-Smith

Email Isn't Dead... And Probably Won't Be Killed Anytime Soon.

I love email. It’s probably my most used and favourite “app”.

Sure it’s not great for one liners, and it’s pretty shity when it comes to taming the inbox.

But, with warts and all, I still love it.

I love that its an open protocol, that isn’t owned by a single company.

Sure we now have things like Slack and Asana. The so called email killers, but it realty they replace that tiny, tiny fraction of what people use email for.

Last week I watched Basecamp guys chat about the number one competitor to Basecamp - email.

Email might be slowly dieing in the Valley, but for the rest of us it’s alive and thriving.

@tamcgoey on Sep 06, 2014

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