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Learning to Code in 2014

This past week I finally cracked open those books on Ruby and Rails. In 2012 I was really ambitious to learn Ruby so I went out and picked up any sort of book.

Luckily for me, Pragmatic Bookshelf existed.

This week I launched my first ever Ruby Gem called Caffeinate - a simple wrapper to purchase eGifts.

I don’t think I would have really been able to work with Ruby if it weren’t for my class - Programming Paradigms, that gave me the confidence to learn two completely new languages in a matter of weeks.

Today we now have a ton of resources: Treehouse, Codeacademy, Pragmatic Bookshelf, etc.

But I still find that most of the resources are lacking (except maybe Pragmatic Bookshelf).

If you try and work through some of these “lessons”, you’ll probably never learn anything beyond the syntax and language features. For example in Codeacademy you work through how loops work, some block syntax, and so on.

@tamcgoey on Jun 06, 2014

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