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Entry #1: Building Doing. My first product series.

I’m trying something new. Building in the open. I’m basing the idea off of Brent Simmons’ Vesper Sync Diary Series (it’s a really good read).

Doing. What… Why?

I’ve been really itching to work on a full blown Rails app. I dabbled a bit here and there, but I’m wanting to build something to build up my experience (and who knows, maybe a little extra bit of money can be made).

Luckily for me, this will be the “third” web app I’m building. So I’m not starting from nothing.

First off the idea is pretty simple.

A tool to help teams work better. I’ve been lucky enough to experience a wide range of teams.

One of the greatest things we implemented was a simple checking system - a light weight Stand-Up meeting.

Everyone posted their daily recap to a Trello board - It’s simple, but allowed the team to spot problems (especially recurring ones).

Right now there are several tools that do this:

However, the experience isn’t that great.

Most of them work by focusing on a single calendar day, they don’t really work well with timezones (a nasty problem), commenting tends to be limiting, and I don’t like the idea of being able to see what others have done before you post your own update.

Doing’s Approach

Doing’s focus will be centred around the timeline.

No calendars, just scrolling. Showing you the first day and then you can scroll back in time.

Commenting will be simple, and won’t take away from the the update itself.

Best of all, you won’t be able to see what others have done until you have added your update. I push for openness.

The Series

My goal with this series to be quite candid. Document and share everything.

I want this to be a learning experience, that I can go back to and see how much I’ve grown.

It wont be easy, but it won’t be impossible.

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@tamcgoey on Mar 03, 2015

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