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I Just F&%!ng Shipped!

I just shipped Trolley today! After a few weeks of working out the idea, I finally just buckled down and shipped.

During the holiday break, I was able to learn enough Rails to build a simple version of Trolley. (Its still a work in progress, Im cutting out a ton of unnecessary version 1 features, so I still have a bit more to do.

That being said, I shipped the marketing site and fully functioning demo (with just a little bit of help from off the shop email marketing software - sendy.

You can go and check it out at

Thanks to Amy & Alex for shipping - Just F&%!ng Ship!

I owe a ton to this awesome book written by Amy Hoy (of unicorn free fame). Ive been following her work for sometime now, and when she shipped Just F&%!ng Ship, I bought it immediately.

After reading through the first time, I was able to really narrow focus and concentrate on the important requirements.

As a result, I shipped a marketing site and demo in a little under a week (I think it would be a much quicker process, but I was learning CoffeeScript and my school course load increased quite a bit).

If you want to ship something in 2015, I would pick up a copy.

@tamcgoey on Jan 25, 2015

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