Jun 17, 2018


Writing is great.

Last January, I made a point to focus on improving this blog once again - and I have to say, I didn’t do a great job of it.

April and May were pretty big write offs when it came to thinking about working on side projects.

Though, in some ways I’m glad it was the case.

I managed to get over my nasty cold, grab a selfie with DHH at my first RailConf - and learn a lot about where I need to focus when it comes to leveling up.

(Oh and I found a deep passion for making sourdough.)

This time around, I’m hoping to dedicate some more time sharing what I know - in the hopes of helping you, and me.

With the new blog, I’m starting a new series about writing a slack app (mostly to scratch my own itch and design something greenfield.)

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There's more to come

I'm dusting my blog off and making a point to start sharing what I know again. Subscribe and follow along!

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