I've managed to give a couple of recorded public talks (some shorter and some longer). If only internal tech talks were public - good thing we're hiring!

Embracing SQLite in Production

RailsConf -

Shipping involves a ton of data just to figure out how much something is going to cost.

Part of my work at Shopify has involved moving to a better datastore to handle on-boarding more carriers while keeping up with our checkout growth.

All while cutting dependencies so we can focus on resilient systems.

This past year, I gave a quick lighting talk about embracing SQLite in production.

Building Hybrid Apps with Rails - a Case Study

YYC.rb -

Download Slides or Checkout the Code

How do you launch both an Android and iOS app in a matter of weeks and still gain some of the benefits of going native?

I was tasked with building and launching two mobile versions for our iOS project - dash ( Initially we started out building a native ios app, but when soon discovered most of our initial users were on android. Instead of rebuilding out a complete native version for android, we decided to adopt a hybrid approach and take advantage of Turbolinks 5 native wrappers.

Some Takeaways

The benefits of going native, but why it might be best to reconsider a hybrid approach.

Learn how to integrate turbolinks native wrappers with Android and some pitfalls to avoid when building your native controls.

And finally, some things to watch out for when integrating turbolinks 5 into your rails app.


If your rails developer thinking of dipping your toe into mobile development but aren’t sure where to start, this talk will be geared to you.

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